Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lettuce and swiss chard...and happy happy news!

I'm growing "regular" green romaine lettuce and red romaine - both are growing quite well. I have spotted aphids here and there, but I don't have too many plants so I can manually swipe them away. I think I have spaced them too close though...I probably should transplant some to a different container to promote maximum growth.
I have a second container with lettuce and swiss chard. This was before I realized that swiss chard can get very large if you give them the space.
I think the swiss chard is large enough to withstand a move. But what about container space? Well, I just got some really great news! They have a community garden space available for rent!! I put in a request way back in November and just got a call on Monday! So exciting! I'm not sure where it is yet, so we'll see if everything will work out. If everything goes well,  I will have to go buy some starts (fun fun!). I'm so excited!


  1. I space my chard and lettuce 6 inches apart or 4 per sq foot. I cant't tell how far ppart they are because of scale but the picture above doesn't seem that far off to me. In the top picture they do look a little close.
    Congrats on the community garden plot! I just got one this year and am in the process of setting up the fence and my beds. Do you know how large it will be?

    1. Thanks for the information. I'll try 3-4 per square foot in the community garden. I hope I like them, I never tasted them before :)