Thursday, April 4, 2013

Indoor veggies and preparing for the dreaded stink bug...

The container of garlic and arugula is doing exceptionally well. The arugula is growing like gangbusters! I plan to thin them out a little bit in time, but for now I really like the look of the container. There are roots coming out the bottom of the container - I'm guessing this is from the garlic. I doubtful that there is enough space for the garlic to make a substantial bulb but who knows?
arugula and garlic
I also have one container of chives...and some seeds have germinated but the "chives" are super super thin. Don't know if that is what they should look like. I feel like I should throw down more seeds because the container is looking really sparse.
Chives looking very scraggly
I've been on several sites that we are supposed to have a really bad season with stink bugs this year. It seems that last year a good portion of these critters died off at the larval stage, but this year they are back with a vengeance.  I've been saving the net bags that oranges and onions come in for the purpose of preventing cross-pollination and seed saving. But I think these may come in handy for protecting veggies from stink bugs. I hope the entomologists (or whoever monitors these bugs) have it wrong and it won't be so bad:(
Colorful netting for veggie protection


  1. I really like the garlic and arugula design It's quite nice. And I never thought about using those nets for plants. That's very creative.

    Can I ask a question? how do you have a blog list in your public profile, I can't find no information online, :|

    1. Hi! So I am not very good navigating around blogger. However, I think the list of blogs that show up on my profile page is my reading list. The reading list shows up on the main page when I log in to blogger. You can add all the blogs you follow to the list and it will notify you with a link when someone has put up a new post. I just checked and it seems that the list that is on my profile is the same list. Hope this helps...

  2. That's a beautiful pot of arugula and garlic you have there, I like the arrangement :)