Monday, July 16, 2012

Harvest Monday - July 16, 2012

This was a great week! I got my first cherokee purple tomato. It had some small bottom end rot damage but other than that the tomato was really beautiful. I also harvested a handful of supersweet 100 tomatoes.
Cherokee purple and supersweet 100s
I am also getting a couple of early girl bush tomatoes - getting sweeter with time.
I had a second harvest of early girl bush tomatoes and a handful supersweet 100s. And I also picked the first roma tomato and mortgage lifter tomato from the community garden. The roma was not completely ripe, but I wanted to pick it because it was supposed to rain and I was worried that it would crack.
(clockwise from the largest tomato) Mortgage lifter, roma, early girl bush, supersweet 100s
I harvested the first black beauty eggplant, a little scratched up but otherwise is a beautiful fruit.
Black Beauty Eggplant
The kale has been attacked by white flies which has made it a challenge to wash. But they still taste delicious. I am also harvesting some swiss chard here and there. I prefer to eat them stir fried with other greens.
I bought some lemon grass some time back and after I used what I need I stuck them in water for a couple of weeks. After there was enough root, I stuck them in the garden. they are doing OK. I trimmed them a little bit and harvested some. I chopped it up and froze it down.
The basil has grown well this past week and required a little pruning. I think I have enough to make a little pesto or use in a salad with the tomatoes.
Very fragrant basil
I'm joining Daphne and gardeners worldwide to share my harvest from last week.


  1. A very nice harvest this week. We love Super Sweet 100's too they are a great tasting cherry and the produce like mad!!

    1. They are very tasty! Unfortunately, mine are not so productive:( I think I planted to late or something is not quite right because they are starting to die on me...But I should be able to harvest some more before it completely dies.

  2. very nice looking harvest this week. I was thinking earlier I need to trim up the basil again. Your eggplant is really huge.

    1. Thank you! I really want a lot of basil too! I am thinking of transplanting some basil to the community garden.

  3. Looking great! We are looking forward to our first Black Zebra shortly too!

    1. Ahh, I heard the Zebra variety is tasty. I hope you get a good harvest!

  4. Can you please show us how your lemongrass plant looks & how you grew it
    please, I'm having a really hard time growing. Thanks (;