Saturday, July 7, 2012

Promoting growth of pepper plant

The Chinese pepper plant is small but is looking strong. During the day when it is scorching hot the plant looks stressed but it bounces back at night when the temperature goes down. I'm hoping that it will continue tolerating the heat. I'm not sure if the heat will stunt its growth, but I do feel that it needs to expend all its energy on growing and not fruiting at this stage. There was one little baby pepper and a couple of flowers on the plant but I decided to cut it off so that all the nutrients go to plant growth.  I also should think about trying to get it shaded....
Little baby pepper
Little baby pepper trimmed

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  1. I think a pepper is stronger than we think. Your pepper will survive in scorching heatwave, if you water it everyday. I don't think shading is a good idea since sunlight is also needed for better growth.