Sunday, July 8, 2012

Recycled potting soil versus new potting soil

I started a little experiment to test whether recycled potting soil with cow manure and fertilizer performs differently than fresh potting soil. I bought two jalapeno pepper plants and put them in the same 3 gallon container. Here are pictures of the jalapenos at different stages.
Center is fresh potting soil, right is recycled potting soil

How they are today. Left is fresh and right is recycled soil
The heat has been destroying many of my vegetable plants on the balcony but jalapenos have thrived. The plants are doing so well with many fruits. I am very happy to see that both plants are doing well. There is no difference in the size of the plants and in the number of fruits (although in the final picture the plant in the fresh potting soil looks a little bushier, but from different angles there is no discernible difference). I think I have enough jalapenos to make one jar of pickled jalapeno and maybe one jalapeno jelly.
Jalapenos up-close
Two of the fruits had a little bit of sun damage but the others were protected by the foliage. 
Jalapenos with sun damage
On a completely different note, I want to leave a message for Wendy over at greenish thumb. I hope your site is OK and you can figure out the malware issue. I am a total computer dud so I don't know how I can help...but I love your blog so I'm hoping that it'll be cleared soon! 

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